Welcome to our 4H-farm!

Visiting us is free of charge, but feel free to leave a donation in our piggybank inside the stable!
Our opening hours are 9 AM – 3 PM (9:00-15:00) on weekdays, and Saturdays during spring and autumn (for more information, check our website)

Many people visit us every day, so the animals need time to recover and need their resting hours!
This is why you are not allowed to visit our farm when we are closed.
Thank you for respecting our opening hours!

When visiting
Visitors are not allowed to open any cages or feed the animals, but if you ask someone in the staff you can go inside the paddock and visit the sheep and goats.
Please let the animals walk away if they do not wish to be petted.
When visiting the animals, keep an eye on the children; fast movement, running or screaming can trigger them.
The animals outside are surrounded by an electric fence, so be sure not to touch the threads.
The cows are privately owned, visiting them is forbidden.
Do not bring your dog into the farm area!

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at info@4h.ax or at our facebookpage.



4H is a non-religious and politically neutral children’s and youth organization that started in the USA in the early 20th century. Today, 4H exists in over 83 countries with more than 6 million members. On Åland, 4H activities have existed since 1928. Our aim is to promote 4H activities, to arouse interest and commitment to the countryside and the local community, to create a positive attitude towards work and entrepreneurship, to increase young people’s social contacts and to work for sustainable development. 4H on Åland has about 400 members.

In 4H, the children learn through action in various activities, e.g. looking after pets, carpentry, farming, cooking or baking. Concretely, the activities consist of crafts in the schools, courses at the 4H farm, camps and competitions. The children and young people have their own 4H tasks which they take care of and are responsible for with the help of their 4H leader.

4H’s ideology is ”learning by doing”. We teach our members to work creatively with their hands, take care of each other, become enterprising and responsible and protect the environment. Through various activities, we give them the chance to socialize and have fun without performance requirements and stress. We take the environment into account in all our activities and see environmental education as an obvious matter. In this way, we contribute to the realization of the Åland sustainability and development agenda . We strive to be an active participant in the bärkraft.ax network and contribute to positive social development.

Our core operation is to offer versatile leisure activities for our members. Using one’s creativity is something that stimulates the imagination and gives good self-esteem. We strive for educational, creative, fun activities where the result is not the most important thing. Everyone should be able to participate based on their own abilities. We want our members to get to know each other across municipal borders.

The business is financed, among other things through income from activities, membership fees, PAF funds, contributions from the municipalities and voluntary donations. Our activities are heavily subsidized for the members, thanks to the contribution from the municipalities and granted PAF funds, which means that all children, regardless of social background, have the opportunity to participate in the activities.

4H values
​​- Cooperation
– Concern for the environment
– Concern for the individual
– No compulsion to perform

The 4H symbol is a four leaf clover

The four H’s stand for:
Head – independent thinking, knowledge
Hand – practical skills
Heart – humanity
Health – a healthy life in a healthy environment

Contact details:

Åland 4H district
Jomalagårdsvägen 23
22150 Jomala

Tel. 040 752 3901 (office)
E-mail: info(a)4h.ax

FO number 0862181-3

Bank account number:
Andelsbanken för Åland
IBAN: FI19 5578 0420 1078 57


Ålands 4H , Ålands Landsbygdscentrum, Jomalagårdsvägen 23, 22150 Jomala
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